April 1, 2023


Bespoke Acquiring and Styling

Do You Want Unshakeable Confidence in Everything You Wear?

Imagine having unshakeable confidence in what you were wearing every time you left the house no matter where you were going.

Imagine having a whole wardrobe of killer outfits that you could mix and match and wear to any occasion you went to.

Imagine not having to spend precious time thinking about what you were going to wear each and every morning because you “have nothing to wear”.

Does this sound too good to be true? Does it sound like a fairytale? As a Personal Stylist dedicated to giving my clients an unshakeable confidence in everything they wear, I can make this happen… Here’s why you should hire your own Personal Stylist;

1. Hiring a Personal Stylist will save Your Precious Time 

As your Personal Stylist, I will shop, trawl through racks and racks of clothes and browse for a living so you don’t have to! It’s one of my most favourite things to do!  

Forget spending time you don’t have traipsing around shopping centres trying to find clothing that you don’t really know you’re looking for when your to-do list is already over loaded and your mind is spinning with all the other tasks you HAVE TO DO!

By the time you meet me – your Personal Stylist – for your shopping trip, I would have already done all the hard work scouring the shops, sourcing and setting aside clothing to meet your styling brief and build your wardrobe.  All you will have to do is be guided into a change room so that I – your stylist – can start getting you dressed and showing you how to work and wear your new wardrobe!  How easy is that?

As your Personal Stylist, I will shop, trawl through racks and racks of clothes and browse for a living so you don’t have to! It’s one of my most favourite things to do!  

2. Hiring a Personal Stylist will boost your self-confidence 

My clients tell me I add sparkle to their lives… Everything is so much better when you love the clothes you’re in – you walk taller and you sparkle brighter.  Your head is clearer and you can concentrate with ease and without distraction on what you absolutely need to do.  Wearing clothes that fit your body and make you feel good is a guaranteed way to be more comfortable and confident in yourself than you have ever been.  

As your Personal Stylist, I will help you identify which clothes, styles, fabrics, colours and cuts are best for your body shape, lifestyle and personalised style.  They will help you to create a workable, practicable and cohesive wardrobe to reflect your individuality.  

Imagine having unshakeable confidence knowing that your outfit is on point and authentically you every time you leave the house!  Imagine not having to worry about how you’re dressed!

3. Hiring a Personal Stylist will save you money

I’m all about making sure every piece of clothing my clients buy earns its way into their wardrobes.  It must be able to work with multiple items and be able to be dressed up and down! 

As your Personal Stylist, I will help you make smart clothing choices and show you how to invest in clothing that will best serve you and your lifestyle.  

By investing in the right pieces of clothing, specially curated for how you live your life, you will be able to wear pieces multiple ways to multiple events and amplify their versatility and value across your wardrobe. Identifying investment pieces will also enable you to update your wardrobe easily and economically with accessories and individual pieces in new colours, cuts and fabrics without having to break the bank each and every season or compromise on your own personal style.

4. Hiring a Personal Stylist will give you a personalised, tailored shopping  experience, calm your overwhelm and reduce your anxiety

At the start of our shopping session, most of my clients don’t believe me when I tell them that they’re going to have a good time. Most of my clients have absolutely dreaded going to shop for clothes in the past.  Going to shopping centres, my office and second home, stresses them to no end!  

They have been upset by overbearing, pushy and target driven sales staff who refuse to hear them, help them or listen to what they’re saying; they have been made to feel invisible by being too old, too large or dressed too shabbily.  

They have been overcome and over stimulated by fluorescent lights, crowded and endless racks of coloured clothes, blaring music and over powering people incessantly invading their personal space.  They have been overwhelmed by choice, intimidated by trends, fads and fashions, have lost their sense of self and daunted by trying to rediscover their sense of style and what they love to wear.

This is where I shine as Your Personal Stylist – I am your closest shopping ally, your advocate, your protector, your bargain hound, your own tour guide.  

Just as every client is unique, no two shopping trips are the ever same.  I always provide my clients with a personalised experience.  

My role is to facilitate their new wardrobe and I pride myself on delivering unshakeable confidence through empowered and authentic personal styling;

  • I shield my clients from well-meaning and potentially over bearing and over familiar sales staff
  • I usher them into the change rooms
  • I guard that fitting room door like snarling, blood thirsty K9 if my client requires it
  • I gently and cheekily haggle, ask for the best price, find sales, sniff out promotions and price matches to ensure my clients’ money works as hard as it can to give them as much bang for their buck.

So, in the interest of saving your time, saving your money, boosting your confidence and minimising your anxiety and overwhelm, why wouldn’t you want to book your own Bespoke Acquiring & Styling Personal Styling package?

Life is so much better when you love the clothes you’re in!

In service to your style, 

Emma xxx

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips Emma.
    Shopping can be such a time consuming exercise and your approach sounds like a great solution.
    Personal stylists are not just for the rich and famous! Fantastic.


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