Styling with heart, soul and a story





Personal Styling

Home Styling

Events & Special Occasions

Put a spring in your step and a sparkle in your eye

by looking and feeling your truest and best self!


Welcome to Bespoke Acquiring

& Styling with Emma Mungavin.

I believe that success, happiness and a positive life start

with looking and feeling good in yourself.

Whether that’s through your clothing, your home

or special events, I’ve got you covered.

 Unshakable confidence, an elevated vibe and radiance

are just some of the effects you’ll experience through working with me.

I help you embrace what you love!
You’ll discover your own unique style and transform your wardrobe and home in a way that elevates and ignites the best in you.


love me because…

I Care

I Serve

I Deliver

What WE DO

How can Bespoke help you?

Do you need to elevate your wardrobe?

Do you need a Perth personal stylist?

Do you want unshakeable & formidable confidence?

I can help!

Bespoke’s services include

  • Personal Styling: Discover a renewed sense of self-confidence by discovering and wearing clothes that radiate your unique essence.
  • Home Styling: I’ll help you fall in love with your home all over again.
  • Events & Special Occasions: I can transform any venue—whether it’s your home or anywhere else—into a sight that delights for your special occasion!

Personal Styling 

Transform your wardrobe

Elevate and ignite the best in you by wearing clothes you love!

Home Styling

Refresh & Revamp

I’ll revamp, reinvigorate and refresh any rooms, nooks or alcoves in your home or business using furniture and décor you already have.

Events & Special Occasions

Style your space, home or yourself – to impress! 

Wow your guests and create special memories with Bespoke event styling and decorating.


Are you unsure where to start when it comes to styling?

Who is bespoke ACQUIRING & STYLING?

Meet Emma – Perth personal stylist

Bespoke was born out of a love of fashion, shopping, décor, framing, retro glassware, napery, kitsch vintage crockery, soft furnishings and creating distinctly beautiful spaces.

I pride myself on putting together wardrobes, rooms, décor and spaces using a combination of textures, materials and unique pieces with heart, soul and a story to make each clothing piece or space reflective and meaningful for you and not just another homogenised outfit or room, straight out of a catalogue.


The Reading Part.

Ban the boring. Ban the beige.

Let Bespoke Acquiring & Styling help you find and create something as unique as you are